Fortis Metals is at the forefront of the supply of minor and specialty metals and products. We are a global materials group servicing industries that impact our daily lives. Our materials are used in products such as cell phones, solar cells, LED lighting, pharmaceuticals, paints and many others.

Our mission is to be the preferred partner of our customers in the minor and specialty metals industry. Through our experience, innovation, dedication and commitment we strive to create a mutually satisfactory customer experience, resulting in long-standing partnerships.

We have a truly global presence with plants and offices in Asia, Europe and North America

Atlantic Metals & Alloys has been in business since 1983, supplying metals, chemicals and compounds to a diverse group of industries. Since 2017 it has been part of the Fortis group, benefiting from more interesting metal sourcing possibilities, as well as R&D capabilities. In addition, we have now expanded the recycling we can offer to our customers.

Atlantic Metals & Alloys is well known for its large A-Z specialty metals product portfolio offering various metals and alloys, precious and platinum group metals, refractory metals, lanthanides and rare earths, master alloys as well as specialty chemicals and compounds.

Over the years we have built an excellent reputation as the largest specialty supplier in North America. We are also offering a full closed-loop recycling solution.

Kite Metals in a partnership with Metal Blanc SA (France) is proposing a range of Low Melting Point Alloys “made in France”.

In addition to the standard alloy range, alloys can be custom manufactured to customers’ specific requirements with regard to melting point, melting range and hardness.

Metal Blanc with their factory at Bourg Fidèle in the Ardennes region of France are specialist manufacturers and recyclers of a range of alloys and metals.  The alloys are manufactured under certification ISO 9001 and 14001 and METALBLANC possesses all the necessary permits and licenses to accept, treat and recycle material recovered from customers throughout France and Europe.

KITE Metals are specialists in the sourcing of raw materials and especially “minor metals” such as those used in Low Melting Point Alloys.

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Creating lasting shared value to our partners
At Fortis Metals we believe in stable and long term partnerships. Therefore our philosophy is to work with a long term perspective focused on the needs of our partners worldwide to efficiently balance their technical, economical, financial and environmental needs.
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